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What Does a COPD Flare-up Look Like?

By Jennifer Nelson

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) flare-ups are a leading cause of hospitalization in the United States. Yet, education around COPD flare-ups is still relatively scarce. But that may be changing thanks to a COPD Foundation-conducted two-part national survey of more than 1,000 patients and 200 pulmonologists to identify gaps in knowledge around COPD exacerbations or flare-ups.

Mattress Makeover: Sleep Like You’re Still on Vacation

By Jennifer Nelson

Ever stay in a luxury hotel and sink into a dream bed for the best slumber of your life? Wish you could take that part of your vacation back home? You’re not alone: About 70 percent of people in an industry survey said they believe a new mattress would help them sleep better.

Behavior Therapy for Insomnia

By Jennifer Nelson

Forget sleeping pills and OTC products designed to help you sleep. What if a visit to a therapist could have you sleeping better in a few sessions?

Strategies for Women Who Want to Quit Smoking

By Reyna Gobel

For women, quitting smoking is less about chemical dependence and more about a strategy to relieve to stress and environmental triggers. Thus, nicotine patches generally don’t work as well for women, who often must turn to additional strategies to quit.

Study: Sleep Deprivation Can Cause False Memories

By Jennifer Nelson

Not getting enough shut-eye? You probably wouldn’t make a great eyewitness.

Think About It: Sleep Can Help Boost Memory

By Jennifer Nelson

Need your 40 winks? If you want to learn anything, apparently you do.

Can Sleep Apnea Be to Blame for Your Hearing Loss?

By Jennifer Nelson

If you have poor hearing, sleep apnea may be to blame. Say what?